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Patient Support

Translated Patient Materials

The Bridge

We understand the importance for materials to be available in languages. Clearly, communication between the patients and the doctors is essential, crucial and needs to be effective so patients feel understood and supported. To communicate successfully, it is important that you know information about your disease and treatment. The Bridge will help you prepare for your doctor’s appointments, hospital stay or even other situations when it is necessary for you to convey your thoughts and or ask questions. A3M has created this pocket guide with you in mind. It offers information in Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and English. Please place your order for this free material by filling out the short form or call us at: (888) 236 4673

Translated Information Online

Resources for patients are available online in Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese. Select your language preference below.

Se Yao

"I registered because I received an email that was circulating and asking people to register for Alan Ko, a research professor at Stanford. Few years later, I received a call from the donor center informing me that I was a match. I asked the person what kind of match. She said "a marrow match." I felt as if I had won the lotto.