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A3M Mission

A3M's mission is to improve the health and welfare of all people by providing education and assistance while facilitating prompt access to potential marrow and blood cell donors.

A3M Volunteers


A3M's goal is to serve patients in need of matching marrow donors who could potentially save their lives by coordinating donor recruitment drives to increase and diversify the Be The Match Registry.

Services We Offer

Donor Recruitment Drives

Stephanie's high school graduation

To help increase the chances of patients being able to find matches in time, A3M conducts over 500 donor recruitment drives each year in the African American, Chinese, Japanese, Hispanic, Korean, Pilipino, South Asian, Vietnamese and multi-racial communities. The drives are held at campuses, churches, temples, community festivals, annual events, and any other location where people are willing to register as potential marrow donors. Click here to find an upcoming donor drive or call us if you need us to organize one. More than 400 donors, who registered at an A3M drive, have gone on donate their marrow cells to help save a life.


Watch our educational DVD, a guide to A3M and NMDP services. This DVD offers comprehensive information for marrow donors, patients, and volunteers. Request a copy of the DVD. Find out more about resources available in the U.S. Connect with other patients, donors and families through our blog.


Anne registered in May of 2001. Five years later she received a call from the donor center informing her that she was a match. She said, “ It was really nice to know that I could possibly be able to help someone who is trying to survive”. Anne said as a potential donor, she answered the health history questionnaire and gave some blood to test before the actual donation. She said, “I never had any hesitation. If I had, I would not have registered in the first place. I think it is only fair to the patient, once you make that commitment to go ahead with the process if you are called”.

When people ask her about her donation she says, “It doesn’t matter. It was never about me, it was about that person who needed my help”.

Anne’s patient is doing well. She hopes to meet him some day.